David Golding

I am on Twitter, as @ittyatoms.

I am participating in the Australian Women Writers challenge. I started writing reviews for this a few years ago, and am now continuing to write reviews on GoodReads.

I conducted an interview with Claire Corbett, author of When We Have Wings, that appeared in the first issue of Writers in Conversation (February 2014) [PDF].

I wrote an essay called No Future? The Lack of Science Fiction Published in Australia that appeared in Publishing Research Quarterly (March 2011) [self-archived here].

I kept a weblog for ten years called Pah, which has now been archived by the National Library of Australia.

I have a degree in computer science and a diploma in editing.

I work at Scribe Publications as an editor, and as an bookmaker.

I have worked for over a decade as a thinking programmer.

I love speculative literary feminism, noisy music, and Jonathan apples.